Organic Gardening - Grow Organic Vegetables in Your Home Garden


If you would like a speaker on any topic relating to vegetable gardening, please contact me via the contact page. I usually don’t charge for non-profit groups in the greater Charlotte area.

April 14-18

Join me all week for Organic Garden Week at Charlotte Today!

11:00am to noon, Monday through Friday for five segments!


Learn how to plan, build, plant and manage a summer garden, that requires no digging, tilling or weeding! Just plant your seeds and water!


IMPORTANT NOTE: Summer garden planting time for seeds and transplants in this area is April 15th, but the coming cold weather means you should wait until the forecast is for night time temperatures above 40°


Record it, watch it live on WCNC-36, or see each day’s episode at




Monday (Shot at Healthy Home Market)

The value of fresh food. Organic vs. fresh. The only way to get fresh is to grow it yourself. Traditional gardens are hard for a busy family to do and take up too much space. You need a garden that is easy to manage and productive in a small area. What garden types are best. In-ground vs. raised bed or fabric bed. How to keep your workload down for a busy family. Use raised beds, weedless soil, organic fertilizers.

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Tuesday (Shot at Don’s house)

The price of produce is going to double. The drought in California. How to save money on fresh produce.

The key is raised beds and weedless soil.

How big a garden do you need? The value of raised beds and trellises.

Where can you put a garden? Six hours of sunlight is needed.

How to measure your sunlight on a cloudy day in 30 seconds!


Wednesday (Shot at Healthy Home Market)

What crops do we grow in the summer? Which varieties are best? Discussed different summer veggies. Where they fit in the garden. Growing tips for each crop. Squash, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers.


Thursday (at Lowes)

Building a raised bed garden.

Tools and lumber needed.

Choosing lumber.

Getting the lumber cut.

How to set up each type of garden.


Friday (at Lowes)

Which soil to use. How to avoid paying too much!

Selecting seeds and transplants. The truth about organic seeds.

(at Don’s house)

Building the raised bed.

Positioning it in the yard.

Leveling it into the ground.

Attaching a trellis.

You’re ready to plant!